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Each trainee will be assigned a project that will lead to a first (or co-first) authorship position agreed upon on the onset of the project. Successful completion of the project is required for this authorship position, and the leading author is expected to commit to completion of this project including assisting in the response to the reviewer which may span beyond their tenure in the lab. In the unexpected event that a member of the lab leaves and passes on their project to another lab member to complete for submission, the trainee completing the project may be offered the first authorship position.

To reflect our value for teamwork, all lab members may collaborate with the lead author and have the opportunity to receive co-authorship for their efforts. These co-authors are expected to contribute scientifically and participate actively in helping the leading author in the writing and editing of the manuscript. Please see ICMJE’s Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals.

Co-mentored trainees or trainees for whom Elana serves as primary computational mentor are expected to include lab members involved in computational training and Elana as co-authors on publications using the analysis pipelines developed in the lab during their duration in the lab or until the primary manuscript on the analysis pipelines developed with the group are published.

Post-publication trainees will be responsible for maintaining the software used in their publication for the duration of their time in the lab. When leaving the lab, you will be responsible for handing off knowledge of the software to a lab designee as described in the Procedures for Leaving the Lab section. You will expected to teach that lab member the software and provide your contact information to answer questions that may arise subsequently.