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Lab Events and Meetings

Table of contents

  1. Group Meetings
  2. Hackathons
  3. Lab Parties
  4. Scheduling

Group Meetings

We participate in two weekly lab meetings: The Oncology Bioinformatics group meeting (Wednesday at 1PM, 550 Building 11th floor Conference Room) and a weekly lab meeting (Tuesday at 10:00 AM, 550 Building 11th floor Conference Room). All lab members are expected to attend and participate in these meetings and possibly also group meetings offered by collaborators or related to team projects. Students at graduate student level and above are expected to present once at the Oncology Bioinformatics group meeting. Students at all levels are expected to participate in the discussion in the weekly lab meeting. Lunch will be provided to celebrate major lab successes (paper submissions, paper acceptances, grant acceptances, etc).


The lab will hold special, semi-regular lab hackathons to promote student and project progress. A trainee will be assigned to lead each hackathon, and that trainee will be responsible for coming up with a special challenge that requires the team to push forward (e.g., new algorithm derivation, code development, figure generation, etc). All lab members will be expected to attend and actively participate, and will have the opportunity for co-authorship for any papers that result from these efforts. Elana will provide meals for trainees at these events.

Lab Parties

To support lab camaraderie, Elana will host an annual winter holiday lab party and other outings during the year to celebrate team successes. All lab members are encouraged to attend. Although these events are informal, the lab code of conduct will still be maintained at these events. Trainees are expected to drink responsibly if alcohol is provided and they are of age.


Timing for weekly one-on-one meetings will be scheduled when members join the lab. Elana will try to notify members if conflicts occur as soon as possible to facilitate rescheduling. Trainees are encouraged to reach out to Elana if at any time an additional meeting time is required.