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We expect lab members to be honest in scientific communications both within and outside the lab. We expect that lab members will design experiments in a manner that minimizes both bias and self deception. We expect that lab members will keep agreements, be careful, and share their code and results openly with the scientific community. We expect that credit will be given where credit is due, including in scientific writing. Plagiarism is not tolerated and it is your responsibility to know the definition and scope of plagiarism. While a full enumeration of ethical considerations is outside of the scope of this document, please don’t hesitate to raise any questions or concerns that you have at any point with Elana. Any perceived cases of scientific misconduct by lab members should be brought to Elana’s attention immediately in a private meeting. If you are concerned about Elana’s practices, please bring up with her supervisor Leslie Cope or appropriate sources at JHMI.

Please see university procedures at: