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Health and Mental Health

Elana recognizes that mental health challenges, including anxiety and depression, are prevalent in academia and life happens which may present other health problems. If you find yourself at immediate danger, including but not limited to self-harm, please call 911 or seek emergency services. Please note that Johns Hopkins offers a student assistance program ( and free mental health services to any student in need. A similar program is available to faculty and staff members (

Lab members are encouraged to seek a balance, and self-care first approach to research. Lab members may take a break midday to support their health, including but not limited to meditation, exercise, arts, etc. Please note that the Cooley Center is available as a gym and is close to the 550 building ( and other mindfulness programs are offered on campus.

If you find yourself with any health concerns, you may discuss with Elana. If these concerns extend to other lab members, please feel free to approach Elana in a private meeting. In certain cases, Elana is mandated to report and cannot guarantee confidentiality. Elana will make all attempts to send lab members for appropriate professional assistance and to develop accommodations for that lab member for their health. This includes, but is not limited to maternity leave and accommodations for nursing mothers ( Health insurance policies are determined by the University.

Please note this document reflects Elana’s intentions, and is not binding. All formal accommodations and policies regarding lab member health must follow university policy.